CONFERENCE: Entrepreneurship, Financial Inclusion and Economic Development

LAPO Institute for Microfinance and Enterprise Development

The Conference on Microfinance and Enterprise Development (CMED) brings together academics, practitioners and policymakers from within and outside Nigeria to examine the current state of microfinance and enterprise development, with a view to maximising its benefits for the African continent. It offers keynote speech, paper presentations, and discussions on empirical studies.

CMED showcases one of LAPO Institute’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR), where Thesis Support Grants is given to deserving doctoral students from different Nigerian Universities.

Brief about the 2017 Conference

Theme: “Entrepreneurship, Financial Inclusion and Economic Development

The 2017 Conference is scheduled to hold 23rd-24th August, 2017 in Benin City, Nigeria. The Conference seeks to discuss developmental issues as it concerns microfinance and enterprise development. It will feature the presentation of a commissioned paper and a panel discussion covering issues on commercialisation of research and development outcomes.

CMED 2017 | The Objective

Attention will be focused on:
(a) Entrepreneurship training and indigenous technology as it affects economic development and financial inclusion as a strategy for entrepreneurship development
(b) The relationship between theory and practice and the need to bridge the existing gap (if any)
(c) The role of social enterprise as a building block for entrepreneurship development, youth entrepreneurship and job creation.

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