Retooling Adolescent Girl Programming: Resources for Intentional Design

Population Council and Restless Development

Join the Population Council and Restless Development, a global agency for youth-led development, for a webinar showcasing tools and resources to help program planners maximize the impact of their girl-centered programming.

In many parts of the world when girls reach puberty, they are pulled from school, socially isolated, forced to marry and bear children early, and are at greater risk of sexual violence and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. While programs exist to reduce these vulnerabilities, they often miss their mark—they either fail to reach the most vulnerable girls, reach them too late, or do not address the life circumstances that put them at risk.

This webinar will showcase tools and resources programmers can use to ensure they are reaching the right girls with the right interventions at the right moment. These practical resources are based on many years of rigorous research on what works to reach girls and young women, reduce their risk of negative outcomes, and help them chart a safe transition to adulthood.