WEBINAR: Savings Groups and Beyond- Inclusion, Equity and Transformation, April 6, 2016

University of New Hampshire & Plan International

The barriers to economic security for the growing youth population are daunting. With large numbers of youth entering the job market each year, there are insufficient formal employment opportunities, especially in poorer economies. The low quality of education and training and lack of a path to the job market put youth at a disadvantage. Microenterprise creation offers some hope, but limited access to finance and markets remain the biggest barriers to job creation, and self-employment. Plan International's six years of work with out-of-school youth in multiple African countries, however, suggests that Savings Groups serving as platforms for market research, step-by-step enterprise creation and improved money management can both engage large numbers of youth in practical learning and help them take the first steps toward a more productive adulthood. We invite you to join this discussion and share your own experiences in promoting youth economic empowerment.

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