The 2nd Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work (CCYW)

The Government of the Republic of South Africa, The Commonwealth Secretariat, University of South Africa (UNISA), National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) of South Africa

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The Government of the Republic of South Africa, in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, University of South Africa (UNISA), and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) of South Africa is hosting the 2nd Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work (CCYW).

The CCYW's theme is 'Engaging Young People in Nation Building: The Youth Worker’s Role.' This theme was selected to re-examine the role of youth work practitioners and academics in engaging young people in the development of their countries. Find out more about the CCYW’s theme and sub-themes

Objectives of the CCYW

  • Encourage the creation and sharing of knowledge around youth work theory and practice,
  • Accelerate the recognition of, and investment in, youth work as a profession,
  • Profile the youth worker’s role in mobilizing young people as change agents and contributors to nation building, and
  • Facilitate the establishment of a Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Workers’ Associations. 

Who is the CCYW for?

In keeping with the Commonwealth’s strategic focus of supporting the professionalisation of the youth work sector, the CCYW caters to practicing youth workers including representatives of youth work associations, youth work managers, policy makers focusing on youth development and empowerment, academics teaching in the area of youth work practice, and young people active as peer youth workers.

As the Commonwealth is also striving to find avenues where youth work intersects with other non-youth-focused sectors, practitioners and academics in other disciplines whose work engages or benefits youth, and has youth work elements, are also welcome.

If you think you fit the bill, you should consider registering as an International or South African delegate. Click here for Registration and payments