Launch of Youth Voices

RTI International

Youth Voices is a digital story-telling and qualitative database of youth perspectives on work. The event will be hosted by RTI, the Global Center for Youth Employment, and The GroundTruth Project. The kick-off will include discussion with a panel of leading journalists, interviews with youth by Google’s News Lab, and active collection of video and written stories through partnership with the Guardian in the UK. Please RSVP to attend in-person and for live-streaming. A link for live-streaming will be sent out prior to the event. 

More about Youth Voices:  Youth Voices is a pioneering digital initiative that seeks to tell stories of the global youth unemployment crisis as seen, heard and felt by young people around the world.  Our user-generated, multimedia storytelling platform — running on N0tice technology developed by The Guardian — gives youth a powerful way to share their own struggles and successes related to education, work, job seeking and entrepreneurship.

Whether stories are shared in text, photos, video or audio, we are putting those who are most affected at the center of the conversation about youth and the economy. We will select a diverse group of stories for development into in-depth features that we'll publish with top media outlets.

We aim to reengineer the international community’s response to the jobs crisis. Youth Voices has the power to influence media, inform policymakers, compel public action, and ultimately connect young people to jobs.

We invite:

* Youth in the job market: Share your experiences, whether it’s the feeling of unemployment, the biggest hurdle in the way to the job you want, your first job or your dream job.
* Activists and entrepreneurs: Share challenges and solutions.
* Companies: Identify talented young people and explore opportunities.
* Non-governmental organizations and government leaders: Discover needs and gather information to strengthen employment initiatives.
* Researchers and academics: Access searchable qualitative data and ethnographic perspectives.

Youth Voices is a project of The GroundTruth Project, the Global Center for Youth Employment, and RTI International with support from the Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation.