Pathways to Development: Evidence from YouthSave


Can low-income teens build savings – and does it matter for their futures?  Since 2010, YouthSave has been investigating these questions through partnerships with banks and research institutions in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal. 

Join Microlinks on October 9 to discuss insights from YouthSave. Our panelists will discuss what YouthSave learned about how to provide scalable savings mechanisms to low-income youth and what this means for the practice of youth development and financial inclusion.                                                                                   

Register now to join us in person or via livestream:

Speakers will include:

Frank DeGiovanni                  (Ford Foundation)
Gerhard Coetzee                   (CGAP)
Gina Agnes Chowa                (UNC Chapel Hill)
Janet Gordon                         (FDIC)
Kelly Hallman                         (Population Council)
Lissa Johnson                        (Center for Social Development)
Rani Deshpande                    (Save the Children)
Reid Cramer                          (New America)
Ruth Dueck-Mbeba                (MasterCard Foundation)
Suezan Lee                            (USAID)
Tricia Williams                        (MasterCard Foundation)