#YouthEO Twitter Chat: Frontiers of Soft Skills

Making Cents International

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Emerging research strongly suggests that young people who possess certain “soft skills,” those like self-control, perseverance and self-confidence, are better prepared to succeed in the workforce. What does this mean for youth economic programming? 

How it Works

During the #YouthEO Twitter Chat: Frontiers of Soft Skills, @YouthEconOpps will bring together researchers and program implementers who are building the evidence base on soft skills development and positive youth economic outcomes. Join in on this cutting edge conversation on September 17 at 9:00am EST (1:00pm GMT). Tweet with #YouthEO

How to Participate

  • On September 17 at 9:00 am, @YouthEconOpps will post the first question
  • Tweet your responses to the questions using #YouthEO
  • Monitor the #YouthEO hashtag to see what others have said
  • You can retweet someone else’s response to show your support
  • You can quote someone else’s response to reply to it, use #YouthEO
  • @YouthEconOpps will post new questions every 8 minutes until 10:00 am
  • Continue to post your answers to the questions and responses to others for the duration of the chat, use #YouthEO
  • After the chat, Making Cents International will post an archive of the chat responses on www.YouthEconomicOpportunities.org