Global Dialogue: Young Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Sustainable Growth

Young Americas Business Trust

Are you an innovative young entrepreneur with a story to tell? Share your journey, inspire others, make your voice be heard! 

A series of global dialogues will bring together young entrepreneurs to discuss their vision, experience and personal stories around three key questions: (i) What government programs and policies have been most successful in getting your ideas off the ground? (ii) What experiences have shaped your entrepreneurial philosophy, what advice would you give others? (iii) How can young entrepreneurs contribute to growth and shared prosperity in the developing world? 

The dialogues will feed into a flagship event at the World Bank Group/International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings on October 8 in Lima, Peru, which will gather top financial authorities and government officials worldwide. The event, described below, is focused on the role of Young Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Sustainable Growth and Shared Prosperity.

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Annual Meetings 2015 LCR-IFC Flagship Event
Young Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Sustainable Growth
October 8th, 2015 – Lima, Peru

Description and Rationale

This event seeks to highlight the power of youth innovation and entrepreneurship as drivers of development and inclusive growth. It will examine the challenges, opportunities and achievements of young entrepreneurs that are already contributing to their country’s sustainable development.  The event will be preceded by tree virtual consultations, in three languages and regions, organized by the international non-profit Young Americas Business Trust in collaboration with WBG country offices. The consultations will engage global stakeholders working on youth entrepreneurship and innovation and a report summarizing key messages will help inform the high-level panel discussion in Lima. The panel will be composed of two to three transformational young entrepreneurs, a high level CEO, and a celebrity. The World Bank will be represented by President Jim Yong Kim, and Vice Presidents Jorge Familiar and Nena Stoiljkovic.

Top Three Objectives:

  • Stimulate debate around the role young entrepreneurs play as drivers of development and inclusive economic growth through a variety of perspectives and experiences.
  • Highlight the triple bottom line: how social and environmental sustainability in new enterprises ensure stronger development impact and financial sustainability. Highlight the increasing role of the private sector in development.
  • Motivate key stakeholders to take action based on discussions and proposed solutions.

Some additional information

The event will be a flagship of the 2015 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the IMF and the World Bank Group will be held in Lima, Peru on October 9–11. This is the first time the Annual Meetings will be held in a Latin American country in nearly half a century. The Annual Meetings of the WBG and IMF are one of the most important and influential development forums in the world.

About 13,000 people are expected to attend, including the governors (finance ministers, central bank governors, or ministers of development) from all 188 member countries, observers from other intergovernmental organizations, as well as hundreds of journalists, and representatives of civil society organizations.

The Economist, The Financial Times, CNN E, CBN,  Sina, Asarq Al Awsat, El Comercio, El Universal, TV Peru and NTN 24 are among the Annual Meeting’s media partners this year. The youth flagship, in particular, will also partner with other key regional and global media such as Planeta Futuro/El Pais (Spanish); O Globo (Portuguese) and Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post (English).