The SEEP Network Annual Conference

SEEP Network

30 Years of Powering Connections (1985-2015)

Thirty years ago, the SEEP Network was formed to bring together experienced practitioners working to promote economic opportunities for vulnerable populations. Beginning with a relatively small group of US based NGOs focused on improving evaluation methods, our network has grown in both size and scope.  The process of collaboration has brought about significant discovery. Our historical focus on enterprise development and microfinance has provided the foundation for a more holistic approach to inclusive market development that now engages a much wider range of range of industry stakeholders, services, and technologies. At the same time, the diversity of our membership presents significant opportunities for multi-sector action, knowledge creation and sharing, within and across sectors and contexts.

The SEEP Network’s 2015 Annual Conference will serve as a platform to highlight this progress and the innovations at the frontiers of inclusive market development. More than 500 development professionals from over 70 countries are expected to join the SEEP conference in 2015. Over 300 conference participants joined our online conference community, to create a space for exchange before, during, and after the conference. We look forward to seeing you at the conference this year!