Can Youth Employment Reduce Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean? A Panel Discussion

USAID Workforce Connections

Join the Workforce Connections Community of Practice as we discuss two of the main issues facing young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, employment opportunities and violence reduction. 

Youth workforce development remains a priority of global development efforts, yet the types of programs that can be successful will vary significantly depending on the specific needs of young people and the contexts within which they live. The lack of a uniform approach to youth workforce development is particularly significant in regards to effectively designing good programs. Within the context of Latin America and the Caribbean, the picture is further complicated as many young people have difficulties finding employment due to the lack of licit employment opportunities.

The Workforce Connections project is hosting the panel discussion Can Youth Employment Reduce Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean? to provide the Community of Practice with a forum to discuss these issues. The panel discussion will address some of the myths and realities regarding how supporting young people through skills development and better employment opportunities can and cannot lead to safer communities. At this event, practitioners and stakeholders will convene to explore these issues, looking specifically at:

  • Economic adversity
  • Lack of access to high-quality, relevant training and education systems
  • Prevalence of violent or illicit activities
  • The role of workforce development programs in addressing challenges related to youth violence and community stability

FHI 360  

8th Floor – Balcony E Room
1825 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20009

When:   March 25, 2015

              2:00 – 3:30 pm

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Panel Structure: The panel includes three presentations and will be moderated by FHI 360. The presenters will discuss different types of tools/approaches to improve the stability of communities by providing youth with assets to reduce their chance to be victims of, or perpetrators of violence.

Workforce Connections is funded by the USAID Office of Education and managed by FHI 360