Cities as Drivers of Economic Opportunity for Youth

Citi Foundation and Making Cents International
This event will convene expert stakeholders in a discussion on understanding and scaling up promising practices that will maximize the success of cities as drivers of economy opportunity for youth.

As expert practitioners, researchers, and donors, there’s a burgeoning opportunity to convene and explore the direction of the field. Where do we start? Which cities lead the way in creating economic opportunities for youth that create promising case studies? What are the key partnerships that contribute to each city’s success? What are the strategies for sustainable growth and how can they engage youth in the process? And, how do we work collaboratively to utilize and build upon each other’s strengths and resources?
In collaboration and with the support of the Citi Foundation, Making Cents International is leading this expert stakeholder discussion to start to answer these questions and explore new opportunities for partnership, knowledge-building, and greater impact at the nexus of urbanization and youth economic opportunity development.
We expect that stakeholders participating in this discussion will have the opportunity to:
   1. Learn from each other about the critical economic issues facing youth in urban areas
   2. Help articulate gaps in existing knowledge and programming in the field; and
   3. Influence the direction of future research, programs, as well as learning initiatives focused on urban youth
After the discussion, Making Cents will pursue further research, consult with additional experts and explore key partnerships and analysis. We will share the findings of this process and outline next steps, including the development of a framework that will chart a strategy for highlighting and enabling promising policies and practices that will maximize the success of cities as drivers of economy opportunity for youth.