Inclusive Finance India Summit

Inclusive Finance India

The Inclusive Finance India Summit (prior to this year known as Microfinance India Summit) is a global flagship initiative of ACCESS Development Services. The objective of the Summit is to inform and influence the pro-poor policy framework and strengthen the enabling environment, and bringing all stakeholders together to discuss key issues and challenges and build consensus on the way forward for financial inclusion. The Summit's deliberations are expected to:

  • Build, sustain and, progress the financial inclusion vision
  • Examine the policy environment and enabling/inhibiting factors for financial inclusion
  • Connect with global forums, initiatives, and experiences
  • Understand the full value chain of financial inclusion and gain greater clarity on the existing and potential roles of all actors
  • Grow an understating of the role of microfinance in financial inclusion

Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details.

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Begun in 2004, the Summit has become a key global platform, attracting practitioners, policy makers, promoters, and researchers to delve into issues and challenges that impede the growth of the microfinace sector, as well as to design and develop appropriate solutions for its organized evolution. This enormous decade-long effort, which brought all diverse stakeholders together on a single platform, helped to build an eco-system within which all strands that delivered microfinance services flourished, reaching  close to 100 million households.

Based on the experiences of the Microfinance India Summit; ACCESS has now expanded its efforts to broadly support the larger national campaign for universalization of access to finance initiated by the Govt. of India. The new focus of the initiative is examining at the broad contours of the national financial inclusion strategy; the ecosystem and the enabling environment within which outcomes are expected to be delivered; the role and responsibilities of institutions that are mandated to support the campaign; issues and challenges that they face; the regulatory environment; as well as enabling and inhibiting factors in advancing financial inclusion, among others. Through the Summit, a national vision for financial inclusion will be articulated, with clear role for different stakeholders in contributing to its accomplishment.