Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Program (SMDP) - Rwanda

University of New Hampshire, The Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Program (SMDP)

The Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Program (SMDP) moves to Rwanda in November to offer three courses for savings groups practitioners. Our affiliate host Sterling Micro Development Consultants (Rwanda) Ltd. is organizing the workshop at the Nobleza Hotel located in Kicukiro Centre just 15 minutes from Kigali International Air Port.

A discount of $300 will offered to those who attend the CRS training “Introduction to CRS’s Savings Group Fee-for-Service, Private Service Provider Delivery Model"during  the SEEP Annual Conference and also register for the SMDP Rwanda course. Visit this link for more details.

Programme Description

The SMDP Rwanda will offer three savings groups courses during the two-week workshop facilitated by experts in the savings groups field. The courses will include classroom and field based learning and are suitable for practitioners new to savings groups or those with significant experience who want to expand their knowledge of savings groups management information systems or the Private Service Provider model.

Week One November 3 -7 

  • Savings Groups Programme Design, Andrew Mnjama - A comprehensive and rigorous saving group project design from basic theory of change to programme implementation. A field visit to well-functioning and disciplined savings groups will take place in day two.

Week Two November 10-14 

  • Savings Groups Management Information Systems, Hugh Allen and Andrew Mnjama - A hands-on learning experience for current savings groups facilitating agencies utilizing the VSL Associates new internet-based MIS. Prior experience and an up to date lap top computer are prerequisites for this course. 
  • Private Service Provider (PSP) Model: a practical approach to fee-for-service Savings Group programming, marc bavois - Catholic Relief Services has developed a comprehensive and systematic approach to working with agents known as Private Service Providers (PSP), who offer their training services to communities on a sustainable- fee-for-service basis, including once the project has closed. Experience in operation of savings groups or attendance in the week one Savings Groups Programme Design are prerequisites for this course. 

MasterCard Scholarships Are Available

As in previous years the MasterCard Foundation of Toronto, Canada has generously provided scholarship funds for the SMDP programme and we are pleased to offer a number of full scholarships for the SMDP Rwanda. 

Selection preferences include:

  • Practitioners who have at least two years of experience in the microenterprise development field
  • Women practitioners
  • Practitioners who work in Africa
  • Practitioners currently involved in or planning to begin savings groups or Value Chain development programming
  • Practitioners who work for NGO or Development Finance Institutions and policy development organizations
  • Candidates coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, preferably from rural and resource-poor areas
  • Applicants who make some level of financial contribution to tuition, room/board, and/or travel costs

Please see for Cost and Registration details.