Sanabel 2014 Conference: "Microfinance at Crossroads; Current Developments and Future Prospects in the Arab States"

Sanabel – The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries

Sanabel – The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries-is pleased to announce its 2014 Conference, which will be held from September 29th – September 30th, 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel – Festival City - Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Pre and Post conference trainings are also offered on 28th of September and 1st of October.

The theme of Sanabel’s 2014 Conference will be “Microfinance at Crossroads; Current Developments and Future Prospects in the Arab States”. The conference aims to provide an overview on the state of the industry in Arab countries, highlighting current developments and discussing present and future potential opportunities for growth.

The Arab microfinance industry is currently passing through a delicate phase. While building the industry’s capacity is a prerequisite for its enhancement, creating an enabling environment that allows innovative product diversification is essential in successfully achieving the vision of financial inclusion. The conference will address alternative approaches to serve the financially underserved by sharing experiences and innovations in technology platforms, progress towards improved regulatory structures, and options for transformation, in addition to capacity building of MFIs. The conference’s focus will be also devoted to the clients and opportunities to improve services of the sector based on the universal standards for social performance, client protection principles, and financial literacy initiatives. The Sanabel 2014 conference will provide a platform for exchanging experiences, ideas, knowledge, and discussing good practices among Arab and international stakeholders. It will pave the road to appropriate planning for financial inclusion in the Arab microfinance industry based on regional and international experiences. 

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Registration is open from June 19th – September 28th, 2014. Conference materials will be available in Arabic, English and French.