Global Money Week

Child & Youth Finance International

Global Money Week is a worldwide celebration to empower the next generation to be confident, responsible and skilled economic citizens. Every year, during the second week of March, young people around the globe talk, play, create, sing, read, discuss and learn about saving, money, changing economic systems and building a financial future for youth. It is about joining together – children, youth, parents, organizations and entire communities - to start action to reshape finance, and give young people the tools to shape their own future.

The celebration of Global Money Week takes place every year during the second week of March. This initiative is coordinated by the Child and Youth Finance International Secretariat. About 3 million children and youth participated in the 2014 celebrations which involved 118 countries and around 490 organizations. The celebrations of 2015 will take place between 9 March and 16 March 2015.

During this week various worldwide activities will be held to engage children, youth and their communities to learn how money works, including saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and becoming an entrepreneur. The week brings the world one step closer to ensuring that every child will have access to financial services, financial awareness through education, a reliable source of income, and the will to save.

To learn more, visit the Global Money Week site.