10x10: Hacking education, one startup at a time.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

This fall, 70 young adults will congregate in Croatia for 10x10, a hackathon to tackle challenges facing education on a global level.

Innovative technology is poised to revolutionize the way people learn on a global level. With countries from around the world being represented on teams, the diversity in cultures and experience will contribute to new perspectives on such a universal subject as education.

10x10 is open to developers, designers, and non-technical people who want the chance to create original solutions to improve education for millions worldwide. Selected participants will be provided with travel to Croatia as well as accommodations while competing in the hackathon.

The hackathon will be held directly before the GEC2, a gathering where policymakers and entrepreneurs will discuss the Entrepreneurial Mindset. The competition will be a hands-on experience for young people to demonstrate ways in which the next generation of entrepreneurs can make a difference in a global context.

The topics teams may explore are endless, but we are proposing a few critical challenges to education worldwide to start team brainstorms. The challenges include:

  • Access to education;
  • Quality of education;
  • Funding of education;
  • Entrepreneurial education;
  • Access to mentors; and
  • Access to education across borders.

10x10 will kick off with short talks from experts in the field highlighting major obstacles facing education. On-site mentors to help with business ideas and developer support will be provided to assist teams as they collaborate to create innovative products.

Learn more about 10x10 and apply to join us in Croatia if you have what it takes to hack education for the greater good!