June 23 Webinar: Citizen Exchange, Economic Opportunity, and Eastern Europe

Citizen Diplomacy Network, Center for Citizen Diplomacy

Exchanging Understanding: How Citizen Exchange and Economic Opportunity Are Shaping the Future of Eastern Europe

The perspective of Ukraine's youth has been significantly shaped by citizen exchange programs, such as those made possible by Fulbright, Muskie, and the Soros Foundation, which have offered a glimpse of the brighter future of a democratic European state. 

Public and corporate diplomacy have also played a role in presenting an alternate path for the country that sits at the crossroads of East and West. Over the past two decades these three pillars of diplomacy - public, corporate, and citizen - have come together to propel Ukraine past the disappointing results of the Orange Revolution of 2004 to the citizen-driven transformation of 2014.
Join the Center for Citizen Diplomacy and our panel of experts in a discussion on how youth, business, and diplomacy can continue to aid Ukraine's successful transition to a market-driven democracy.

The discussion, moderated by Deirdre White, CEO of PYXERA Global, will feature The Honorable William Taylor, former Ambassador to Ukraine; Trevor Gunn, managing director of international relations for Medtronic, Inc; and Iryna Fedets, Atlas Corps Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Amb. William Taylor
Former ambassador to Ukraine (2006-2009), Taylor currently serves as V.P. for Middle East and Africa at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Previous positions include Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions in the State Department, and coordinator of U.S. assistance to the former Soviet Union.

Trevor Gunn
Managing Director of International Relations for Medtronic, Gunn was formerly director of the Commerce Department's Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BINIS), the clearinghouse for U.S. government information for doing business with the former Soviet Union.

Iryna Fedets
Atlas Corps Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Fedets has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Master's of Art in Sociology from the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy in Ukraine, and previously worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.

Deirdre White
Prior to joining PYXERA Global, White lived in Russia from 1991-99. While there, she led USAID and World Bank funded post-privatization restructuring programs at the management-consulting firm, Arthur D. Little, and served as an advisor to several of Eurasian gas and oil sector's largest firms.