Youth Employment in Africa: Whose job is it? Webinar & Twitter Chat

Ashoka, MasterCard Foundation

Around the world, the communities with the brightest futures create innovative opportunities for youth to build sustainable livelihoods, pursue meaningful careers and shape better realities for themselves and for those around them. Unfortunately, in many communities within sub-Saharan Africa, youth find themselves jobless and entrenched in systems that do not welcome innovation or change.

Future Forward is identifying and supporting the innovators in Africa who are changing these systems, while convening a conversation to reframe how we think about work and the evolving workplace based on ideas and solutions at the cutting-edge.

From June-September, 2014, we explore the theme: Who is responsible for addressing youth employment in Africa? Is it the responsibility of the state, private sector, local communities, schools, ethnic groups, nonprofits, family or young people?

How you can take part: 

  1. Join the ongoing online conversation on June 25th and beyond:
    • The webinar taking place on June 25, 2014 will focus on the theme "Whose job is youth employment in Africa?"
    • Chat with innovators, youth and thought leaders on twitter using the #AfricaYouthFwd and #SocEntChat hashtags during the webinar and beyond.
    • Stay informed about upcoming opportunities to engage and submit recommendations for panelists and thought leaders here.
  2. Contribute your insights: 
  3. Share your stories, insights, and knowledge relevant to youth employment. Refer to the contributor guidelines for our community blog.
  4. Nominate a systems-changing innovation that is addressing youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa for the Ashoka Fellowship in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation.
  5. Spread the word: Help us co-create a community for change by sharing the opportunity to engage. (Sample messages below or forward this email)
  6. Catch up with the latest on innovations for youth employment in Africa.