InterAction Forum 2014

InterAction, AIYD

Taking place from June 10-13, 2014.

The Alliance for International Development (AIYD) and its partner InterAction is very pleased to welcome our inaugural AIYD Young Leader delegation at this year's InterAction Forum 2014! 

Scheduled for June 10-13, Forum 2014 marks InterAction's 30th anniversary, a milestone framed by enormous and rapid changes in the development and humanitarian landscape - technological advances, multi-sector partnerships, and new financing mechanisms, as well as complex challenges from climate change to food insecurity and economic instability. Young people - nearly half of the world's population - represent the next (and now) generation of development actors, leaders and innovators. Youth must be at the table in the search for solutions to the world's greatest development and humanitarian challenges. 

AIYD Young Leader Delegates - 2014

Divina Jean Divina

The Philippines

AIYD Member: ChildFund International 

"We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can always change the direction of our sail."

Divina has been engaged with ChildFund's local partner and held a number of important leadership roles including: Vice President of the local Children's Association for three years, Community Facilitator on issues of child and youth development and adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and volunteering in a local tutoring program. Divina lives out her belief that it is important for youth participate in their community's activities so one can develop herself.

Naomi Okojukwu


AIYD Member: FHI360

"I have always dreamt of a society where both girls and boys have equal rights to take part in the affairs of their society."

Naomi is a first-hand beneficiary of girls' education programming in her home country of Nigeria. Her specific areas of interest for youth include public advocacy and gender issues. Naomi has won the Award for the Best Speaker in the Nigerian National Inter-Secondary School Debate Championship, and she is a Peer Educator for the Four Pillars PLUS Project which is an ideal platform for her strong communication and leadership skills.

Youssef Bidar


AIYD Member: Creative Associates International

Youssef is a young leader from a remote and rural town in Morocco, an area home to his country's highest rates of poverty and school drop outs. Youssef was chosen as one of 24 youth researchers to document factors that contribute to youth school drop-out. Youssef's experiences in administering survey questionnaires, facilitating focus group discussions, and conducting in-depth interviews has led him to become an advocate for youth in his community, working to address the systemic factors that result in young people, including his peers, dropping out of school.

Kyle Wright


AIYD Member: Plan International USA

  "...people must be inspired by the example of hard work, disciplined perseverance, community collaboration, and above all the compassion that is possible between us."

  Kyle has a strong background in peer leadership and facilitation as well as a keen interest in a variety of global issues affecting his peers both across the United States and around the globe. As an active member of Plan International USA's Youth Advisory Board (YAB) he helps to advise Plan International USA's Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team. Kyle also has experience in developing youth projects and campaigns related to Plan's work. Kyle's field experience in Latin America has yielded his clear understanding of the rights based, participatory approach to youth development and how to advocate eloquently the importance of engaging young people in development processes and decisions that impact their lives.

John K. Yarkpawolo


AIYD Member: Making Cents International 

& Partner: ACDI/VOCA

"...give youth responsibility and the opportunity to earn trust and even youth fighters can and do rise to the challenge."

John's experiences as a war-affected youth and young male working for youth development, have led him to believe in the potential for young people to positively contribute to their communities through investments such as education as a pathway to better opportunities. As a youth leader, John is familiar with the everyday challenges and priorities for the groups he serves. As a youth worker, John is has gained experience in donor-funded programming (the challenges and opportunities), the practices of collecting evidence, and how to effectively communicate and advocate for greater resources directed towards effective youth programming.

A very special thanks to our co-sponsoring members and partners!

AIYD thanks its co-sponsoring member organizations and partners who have lent their support to youth inclusion and leadership at this year's InterAction Forum 2014: