Engaging Youth in Inclusive Market Development

Microlinks, USAID, and the QED Group


  • Rachel Blum, USAID
  • David Feige, Making Cents International
  • Devon McLorg, USAID

Many developing countries today are faced with a growing youth population who want to engage in markets but remain unemployed or underemployed. At the same time, efforts to develop economies through more inclusive and competitive markets are not engaging youth in this process, creating a disconnect between the growing opportunities and the young people without the qualifications to fill them. While many market development projects target youth, we are still early in the process of learning how to meaningfully incorporate youth into market systems approaches. What are the benefits of engaging youth in market development? How can market development programs more meaningfully engage young people as value chain change agents? What are concrete ways to encourage youth participation throughout the project cycle?

Join USAID/MPEP in this "knowledge potluck" event. This seminar will bring together our market systems community and youth engagement specialists to dialogue about what is being tried in the field and where gaps remain that programs should seek to bridge. In the spirit of a “potluck” (i.e. a meal or party to which each guest contributes a dish), participants are asked to come to the event with examples, tools, and approaches that they’ve used to engage youth. Rachel Blum and Devon McLorg from USAID, and David Feige from Making Cents International, will introduce key conceptual models and examples to frame the conversation and engage participants in an interactive discussion.

For more information and resources, including audio and webinar transcripts of the event, look below or read our blog posting from Microlinks here.