Outcast Majority: War, Development & Africa's Youth: A Framework for Reform


Join AIYD as we kick off the 2014 Learning Series with special guest and youth expert, Dr. Marc Sommers who will present on his forthcoming book, entitled The Outcast Majority: War, Development and Africa's Youth. Dr. Sommers will contrast some of the forces that shape and propel young people’s lives in war-affected Africa, with those that influence international development work. He also will propose a preliminary framework for reforming youth work and enhancing the effectiveness of development practice and policy. Dr. Sommers’ presentation will be followed by group discussion and Q&A.

About the AIYD Learning Series 2014: The Youth Dividend

The Learning Series supports AIYD's mission to promote learning and exchange, and to serve as a community of practice for youth development. Together with members and partners, researchers and young people, we explore key topics in youth development that link theory, evidence and advocacy.

The theme of this year’s Learning Series is “The Youth Dividend”. Today, young people represent nearly half of the world's population. Yet underinvestment in young people's education, health and economic opportunity, coupled with marginalization and increased vulnerability in times of conflict, meant that the world's diverse youth cohort are an underutilized "dividend". Through a series of learning events, AIYD will take a deeper dive into the meaning, potential and impact of the “Youth Dividend,” with the aim to link this concept more deeply with evidence and strategies.