Twitter Chat - What are the jobs of the future in Africa?

Ashoka & Master Card Foundation

What are the jobs of the future in Africa?
Futurologists predict that 60% of the best jobs in the next ten years have not been invented yet.  New jobs - and lots of them - will be needed in order for Africa to reverse staggering youth unemployment rates which, in parts of the continent, are as high as 40% and 50% for men and women, respectively.  

  • Where can investors put their resources to create the jobs of the future in Africa?
  • Where will these jobs come from?
  • And what skills will young people need in order to qualify for these jobs?

Join innovators, practitioners, thought leaders and experts as they discuss the future trends for jobs in Africa. The social entrepreneurs, part of the Ashoka Future Forward project, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, will highlight how innovation is shaping youth employment. 


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