2014 SEEP Annual Conference: Scaling Impact in Inclusive Market Systems

The SEEP Network

Innovation in Savings Groups: Practices & Possibilities
Presented by The MasterCard Foundation

Tuesday, September  23

This special session focuses on existing practices and new possibilities for expanding the effects of savings groups towards financial inclusion. The session will include two presentations, which will highlight both demand and supply issues, from the client and financial provider perspective, which are shaping the future of savings groups.  The first presentation will cover key highlights from a study commissioned in early 2014 by The MasterCard Foundation and conducted by MicroSave.  The study, which included surveys with nearly 500 individual members of savings groups across Africa, provided rich insight into client needs and interests.  The presentation includes perspectives generated through a small roundtable meeting of key stakeholders in June 2014.  The second presentation will outline research conducted by Bankable Frontier Associates, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on the business case for linking savings groups with formal financial services.  The presentation will outline the drivers and barriers for private sector actors in this area.  The panel will conclude with commentary from The MasterCard Foundation on opportunities for propelling savings groups beyond current practices and towards greater financial inclusion.