Making Microfinance Work for YOUTH: Managing Product Diversification


Access to financial services could help youth become economically active, start their own enterprises, finance education and manage risks. Nevertheless, few microfinance programmes actively target youth. More often, they actually avoid having youth in their portfolio.

The “Making Microfinance Work for YOUTH: Managing Product Diversification” training course is designed to achieve the following five objectives:

• Raise awareness of the opportunities and risks that product diversification presents

• Explore options for improving MFI outreach to youth through product diversification

• Guide the development of targeted outreach strategies for priority youth market segments

• Provide tools for managing product diversification successfully

• Encourage more proactive management of MFI product portfolios over time.

Using adult learning principles, the course relies on activities, exercises and case studies to help participants apply the concepts that they are learning. Throughout the course participants are provided with numerous opportunities for developing their action plan – this Action Plan approach focuses on identifying practical steps that participants can implement in their organizations in relation to the design of the outreach strategy to youth and management of product diversification.