Making Cents International: Youth Engagement in Economic Opportunities within Rural Areas

Making Cents International

Webinar Speaker(s):
Steve Cumming (Program Manager of Youth Learning at the MasterCard Foundation)
Mary McVay, (Founder, Enterprise Development Kiosk)
Simeon Ogonda (Co-Founder, Spring Break Kenya)

About the Webinar: Today’s unprecedented high youth population presents the challenge of creating constructive career paths for millions of people born into rural poverty, but it also presents the opportunity of leveraging human resources to address a major global challenge: food security. How can we engage young people in agricultural and/or rural development efforts in ways that present a viable future for them and contribute to food security? Many young people want to leave the farm, but where will they go and who will be tomorrow’s farmers? What other rural development work can offer opportunities to young people, and benefit from their contribution? What are young people themselves saying? Join Steve Cumming (Program Manager of Youth Learning at the MasterCard Foundation), Mary McVay, (Founder, Enterprise Development Kiosk), and Simeon Ogonda (Co-Founder, Spring Break Kenya) for this in-depth conversation that will address these and other pressing questions, while providing you with practical guidance to inform your work.

About the Series: Apply It! Rural Youth Webinar Series was designed as a continuation of the “Spotlight on Rural Youth” from the 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. You can look forward to more sessions on this and other priority topics such as youth employment opportunities in the technology and hospitality sectors at the 2014 conference. Read more.

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