Chapter 2: Role of Government and Policy

Despite the potential for win-win alliances between governments and members of the YEO field, YEO partnerships at the national level are still few and far between. Topics from the 2011 GYEOC ranged from bigpicture items, such as the role of government in enterprise development, to specific approaches, such as how YEO programs can collaborate with an education system. Discussion centered on the following:

  • Growing local or school-based collaborations to the regional and then national levels through collaborations with various ministries and context-specific strategies;
  • Adding value to educational systems through the development of quality YEO-centered curriculum, which is a unique and appropriate role for members of the YEO field to assume;
  • Assisting governments to analyze workforce needs and identify how to adjust educational services accordingly; and
  • Identifying how legal codes may facilitate or impede youth employment.