11.2 Social Media Strategies Require a Long-Term Commitment to Building a Cohesive Identity and Interacting with the Audience

Utilizing social media may not be as easy as posting a Twitter feed after an event or developing a Facebook page for an organization. Social media requires a long-term commitment to developing an identity, communicating with an audience, and continuing a two-way conversation with them (see Box 11.2.1). Given the fast-paced nature of social media, the messaging has to be clear and concise. MTV has found that while people will watch an hour-long television program even if they’re not convinced that they like the program, with social media, organizations have less than a minute to convince the audience that the message is worthy of their time. This places additional challenge on perfecting the message.

11.2.1 Voices: brpr Group on Why Social Media Is More Than Just a Facebook or Twitter Account

Gerard Bush, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of the brpr Group, gave this analogy, “Imagine you meet somebody you like and you can create a friendship. You have shared values and interest. All of a sudden they stop talking to you. Then three months later, they will talk to you but they are unrecognizable. No familiarity with the brand. You have to have a consistent voice and brand, and you must be willing

to make that commitment. It takes time to commit to social media and develop expertise about how you will talk or engage with people. If you don’t have something well thought out or well-planned then you won’t get that far.”

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