Chapter 11: The Role of Education Entertainment, Social Media and Social Marketing

Entertainment, social media, and social marketing hold significant potential for the YEO field. Media, marketing, and entertainment can be used by YEO programs to:

  • Transmit important information and promote positive behaviors among young people;
  • Reshape how society views young people;
  • Improve communication about YEO programs to key stakeholders such as youth, donors, and colleagues in the field; and
  • Engage youth and others in a two way conversation.

Given the dizzying array of communications options and their potential uses, members of the YEO field must devise a communications strategy that identifies priority and cost-effective mechanisms for engaging their target audience(s). 2011 Global Youth Economic Opportunity Conference participants heard from members of the private and NGO sector about the potentials and pitfalls of utilizing different types of education entertainment, social media, and social.