10.5 Creating Safe Environments for Girls to Learn and Utilize Technology will Reduce the Gender Gap in Technology Adoption and Help Level the YEO Playing Field for Girls

Adolescent girls and young women need safe environments to explore technology use with cohorts of other girls and young women. Intel Computer Clubhouses (Box 10.5.1) make a concerted effort to provide those spaces for girls, through girls’ days or girls-only trainings. Souktel (Box 10.1.2) has found that technology can give girls an edge in finding jobs, especially in places where families have concerns about girls leaving their homes to go to looking for work in person, unaccompanied. Using Souktel’s services, girls can apply for jobs and secure interviews without leaving the house. While these are important steps, TakingITGlobal (Box 10.3.1) prioritizes girls as creators of information rather than just recipients.

Many technology proponents acknowledge that Internet cafes of other Internet spaces are often maledominated spaces. AGYW may feel particularly uncomfortable in public spaces when boys download or view inappropriate content. Inveneo and their partners have found that even more than software to filter Internet content, facing computer monitors out to where everyone can see the screens also works to limit pornography and inappropriate content.79 This in turn can make AGYW feel more comfortable in Internet cafes or public spaces.