10.4 Technology can Lead to Net Job Creation and Allow Young Entrepreneurs an Entry Point to the Business World

Intel has found that introducing youth to technology at the same time as showing how their newly acquired skills can be used in employment and entrepreneurship is an effective way to promote entry into the business world. For example, Intel® Learn Technology and Entrepreneurship is a thematic training course that introduces youth to technology skills by introducing concepts of entrepreneurship, then showing youth how the use of various technologies can help them develop their business idea and build a business plan. Souktel has found that technology can fill gaps in labor market supply and demand; prior to its leveraging of mobile phones to deliver employment services, jobs existed but young people did not have the means to find them. Limited mobility and expensive transportation costs in certain operating contexts also prevented young people from taking jobs far away from home. Mobile technology helps solve these problems by enabling youth to learn about available work via text message, for instance, without needing to search for job opportunities in person. It also globalizes labor, enabling young people to work remotely and remain at home rather than having to leave their communities to find jobs.

Broffman provided an example of a Native American community in the Southwest of the United States. When Intel first started working with the schools there to develop plans to integrate technology into student learning, some of the tribal elders initially expressed skepticism about youth adopting the technology, concerned that the youth would then be motivated to leave their traditional communities, and take their new skills to jobs in the outside world. The opposite ended up occurring: many of the young people learned they could apply their technology skills to help address issues in their own communities, and stayed and sought or created technologybased jobs that were of benefit to their traditional community.