6.5.4 Adapt Other Enterprise Development Strategies

Rural enterprise development initiatives often focus on high potential sectors such as mining, energy, infrastructure, information technology and communications, financial services, health, education, tourism, hand-made products, and natural resource management.  Although most of these programs do not include youth explicitly, lessons from this rich experience can inform YEO experts. Some non-agricultural private sector programs have been highlighted in Section 6.3.5 “Think Outside the Farm!” For example:

  • Facilitating corporate procurement from small enterprises in mining, and
  • Linking people to retail sales opportunities through base-of-the pyramid marketing initiatives.

Some strategies highlighted in the agricultural development section are also relevant to non-agricultural sectors, including livelihood security (Section 6.4.1), sustainable sourcing (Section 6.4.4) and social enterprise (Section 6.4.3) and the social enterprise profiled in Section 6.4.3 links a school-based enterprise initiative with a social enterprise. Combining strategies and partnerships are often called for when adapting enterprise development strategies to meet the needs of particular populations.