1.3.3 New Tools can Compliment, Rather than Replace, In-Person WfD and Labor Market Services for Youth

One example of a hybrid approach, combining standardized online tools with direct services to youth is found in the Tamheed system. The International Youth Foundation (IYF) partnered with Silatech, a Qatar-based social enterprise initiative to develop employment opportunities for youth in the Arab world, to provide Palestinian youth with Tamheed (“Orientation”), a system to support them in making informed choices about employment and/or self-employment opportunities.  Recognizing a lack of career guidance and counseling to direct skill development, a deficit of experienced career counselors to implement guidance activities, and the dearth of career and guidance tools appropriate to the local and regional context, the intervention sought to improve services provided to youth in Palestine who sufer from unemployment rates above 40%.  After consultation with 20 youth education institutions, IYF partnered with Silatech to customize/localize Tamheed for the Palestinian market. Tamheed is an online and on-demand self-assessment and career guidance system linked to in-person counseling sessions with trained professionals. Localization entailed offering Tamheed’s suite of psychometric (self-assessment) tools-- mainly a personality test for both interest and motivation; online in French, English, and Arabic—as well as support for interpretation of results by trained "facilitator." The project certified 20 career advisors to serve as facilitators, as well as an IYF master trainer, and provided on-the-job support to provide career guidance support in Universities and schools. Tahmeed has previously been used successfully in Egypt, Syria, and universities in Qatar, and is currently scaling-up in Morocco.  To date, over 1000 students in Palestine have conducted self-assessments and received supported interpretation of results. While useful in many contexts, the web-based model of Tahmeed addresses the mobility challenges common in Palestine, and also provides a secure platform for women to engage with potentially sensitive topics of career motivation and interest.