2.6.1 Examine How IT can be Used to Recreate Business Models in Pursuit of YED

Impact sourcing and crowd funding provide two examples of how social entrepreneurs are leveraging IT to create new business models, while catalyzing significant support to youth entrepreurs. Ideame provides an example of crowd funding, whereby social entrepreneurs working in the arts, business, social issues, culture and on other areas, can gain exposure for their ideas among an international audience of their peers and find new connections, supporters and capital. Digital Divide Data illustrates the flexibility tech is bringing to labor markets, by creating a market for services that have no geographical borders.  Leveraging the growing interest in Impact sourcing, DDD is using technology to offer youth in developing countries the opportunity to enter the IT market, providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services to an international audience.

Principles of Impact Sourcing

1. Targeted programs for skills-job matching
2. Financial Sustainability
3. Socioeconomic Inclusion