2.5.3 Facilitate Formal and Informal Learning from an Early Age to Prepare Youth to Engage as Successful Employees and Entrepreneurs

Askhoka’s theory of change, still under testing, hypothesizes that teaching youth team building, change making, empathy and leadership from an early age will spur a generation able to generate significant opportunities for themselves and for their peers.

Catalyze New Enterprises by Raising Youth Awareness of Pressing Social and Environmental Challenges

Verengai Mabika, Zimbabwe

Mabika’s organization: Development Reality Institute (DRI) seeks to promote a new generation of youth innovators who will transform Africa by engaging in sustainable natural resource based enterprises that mitigate or help local people to adapt to climate change.  Through a virtual school model, DRI offers courses on the science and politics of climate change, following by hands on efforts through “cool clubs” in school that allow students to put into practice ideas they develop.  In 3 years, 800 students have completed the course and alumni have created successful youth led businesses.

Future Forward is still in an early stage, but Ashoka believes there are many more social entrepreneurs to be identified and supported for scale up.