2.5.2 Engage Youth Directly in the Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Process

Ashoka consulted with youth entrepreneurs inside and outside its network in formulating the Future Forward effort. One of Ashoka’s fellows, Dorien Beurskens, and her organization, Youth Africa in Mozambique, illustrate this concept well.

Engaging Youth in Enterprise Creation via Business Incubators Dorien Beurskens, Mozambique

Dorien’s organization “Young Africa” seeks to train underprivileged youth in marketable skills allowing them to pursue self and formal employment. The organization operates centers in Zimbabwe and Mozambique that offer vocational training at affordable prices, as well as serving as business and social hubs for the community. The centers also act as business incubators renting out to local entrepreneurs space capital equipment and the Young Africa brand. Youth also have an opportunity to intern in these enterprises and to network with one another. This model enables businesses to formalize and to tap into the opportunities offered by more organized business networks.