2.4 Entrepreneurs Explaining What They Need, When

When asked to reflect upon their lessons and needs both in starting up an enterprise and in terms of where their businesses are today, three successful youth entrepreneurs offered some candid insights on the role that business training played in their ventures and what they need to take their business forward. One caveat to their experiences and perspectives—important in the context of the YED field and targeting to the needs of youth entrepreneurs—is that all three are college grads—and two both hold masters degrees. In addition, all are operating in middle or high-income countries.

Amine Chouaieb, CEO, Chifco (Tunasia): A graduate of business and engineering school, Amine started Chifco after being an IT consultant to two French corporations. Chifco is an energy start-up that provides home consumers and industrial clients in Northern Africa and the East Coast with a new way to monitor and understand their energy consumption. He is a Board Member of the World Economic Forum; a Board Member of the Symboles Foundation; and a member of Global Shapers (Tunis Hub). www.chifco.com
Sandra Tran, Chief Ice Cream Officer, Nicecream (USA): A catering business that offers an ice cream experience to customers, producing ice cream with fresh, local ingredients and liquid nitrogen directly in front of customers. www.nicecreamfactory.com
Marina Semina, CEO, EMA (Russia): A consultancy assisting small and medium enterprises in Russia with human resource development and team building, noted that enterprise training certainly provided the spark.