2.3.1 Youth View Life Skills Training as Important to Their Success as Technical Trainings and Other Support

In impact surveys in the years following YED programs, youth cite these soft skills and critically the self-confidence and increased feelings of self-worth they gained as equally important to their success as core technical skills. A survey conducted in TechnoServe’s STRYDE initiative (Strengthening Rural Youth Development through Enterprise) of youth enrolees reflects this trend. As illustrated in the figure below, when asked which of skill sets acquired in STRYDE that they use regularly, Personal Effectiveness came in first, at almost 100 percent, followed by Personal Finance.

Regularly Used Skill Sets Acquired in STRYDE
Yes Youth Can! Supports Youth-Led Organizations: Building Local Capacity for Youth to Pursue and to Advocate for a Youth Economic Agenda

Following the 2009 violence in Kenya, there was recognition of the conducive role youth could and indeed have to play in stabilizing the country and promoting inclusive economic growth. YYC! is supporting a national network of youth led associations “bunges.”  These organizations are supporting youth in pursuing individual and shared group goals across needs in health, economic growth and good governance. Via the Bunges, youth have the opportunity to develop as leaders and to gain valuable skills in planning and resource mapping. Among the services that Bunges offer youth are facilitating youth’s entry into enterprise through business training and financing entry into quick win enterprises such as horticulture and small-scale agriculture. As youth savings and enterprise opportunities growth, many of the Bunges have opted to set up SACCOs (Savings and Credit Co-Operatives to support their members.)