Chapter 5: Working with and Supporting Marginalized, Vulnerable and At-Risk Young People

The GYEOC field continues to develop programs, partnerships, and policies that address the unique situations of marginalized, vulnerable and at-risk young people. Too frequently, these young people have been systematically excluded from educational and economic opportunities. Targeting YEO programs to specific populations can:

  • Rectify long-standing inequities and social discrimination that contribute to the intergenerational transmission of poverty;
  • Include a broader range of young people in the economic development of their communities and countries;
  • Address deeper social consequences of poverty, such as crime, by supporting at-risk young people in their efforts to access safe and productive income generation opportunities;
  • Protect conflict-affected young people and mitigate the risk associated with their economic participation.

The 2011 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference highlighted programs that reach AGYW, at risk or gang-involved youth, young people with substance abuse issues, youth in scheduled castes, and conflict-affected and displaced youth.