2.1 Governments Should Analyze Demographic Trends and Project for Future Workforce Needs in Order to Design Effective YEO Approaches and Attract New Investment

At Making Cents International’s 2011 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference, Peter Coy, Economics Editor and Senior Writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, explained that growth sectors don’t just appear; they occur as a result of sustained and structured public-private collaboration. With a deficit of over one million jobs, Morocco is one of many countries in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region seeking effective employment solutions for its large youth population. The Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Morocco to the United States of America, His Excellency Aziz Mekouar, explained that the Moroccan government has analyzed key challenges related to demographics and employment creation and is looking at new ways to work cross-sectorally. Demographic analysis revealed that by 2020, the number of active workers will decrease as the Moroccan population ages. Morocco is now within a narrow window of opportunity to stimulate economic development by attracting new private sector investment that can support needed skill development within the growing workforce. The government also decided to decentralize the economy to different regional centers and create new infrastructure that would support growth across the country.

The Moroccan government recognizes it still faces challenges related to the high unemployment of university graduates. It seeks to address this by increasing collaboration with private sector employers and improving the relevancy of the education system. For example, the government knows young people need to achieve fluency in French and English in order to compete for jobs in international companies, such as call centers. The government is thus more intentionally working to ensure that the education system is providing young people with the necessary skills and competencies for them to compete in the country and global marketplace. It also strives to create the conditions necessary to attract more foreign investment.