4.3.4 Fully integrate the product into the financial institution’s product line

FSPs should prioritize youth savings as part of their core product offering and fully train all FSP staff on the youth program, including the rationale for youth savings, program features, and customer service for this segment. The product should have its own youth-friendly marketing strategy, including incentive schemes to encourage ongoing account activity. In the Dominican Republic, Banco Adopem trained its entire sales force on the youth savings program, focusing on how to serve youth as well as how to cross-sell to parents and guardians. The bank also provides ongoing coaching to frontline staff on how to integrate touch-point financial education during client interactions. In this approach, staff helps clients to establish savings goals and plans, and then going forward encourages account activity to help youth achieve the savings goals. In addition, Banco Adopem holds regular promotional days and seasonal campaigns to further promote account activity and long-term behavior change.