4.3.1 Create the business case with each partner and engage multiple levels of staff from the start

Both WWB and the Council highlight the importance of first establishing, with the partner FSP, the business case for youth savings, which considers impacts on both the institution and the clients. The FSP should prioritize youth savings as a long-term strategy to cultivate lifelong loyal customers. Youth savings should also be included in the FSPs core product offering, and not considered a “special project”.  

In addition, it is important to engage multiple levels of staff and increase buy-in for youth savings across the institution. When the Council began working in Kenya and Uganda it found that in some cases senior management would be involved in the decision making while in others, branch level staff were tasked with coordinating program design. This led to varying levels of buy-in and created roadblocks throughout the process. As it replicated the program in Zambia, the Council began by involving all levels of staff from the CEO, to headquarters and to the branch staff, in the planning process. The program design process has flowed much more smoothly as a result.