8.1 Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD)

The Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD) (www.theyouthalliance.org) is a community of practice and an advocacy platform of leading U.S.-based youth and community development organizations. AIYD members include non-profit and private organizations, as well as foundations. The Alliance provides an opportunity for engaged organizations and individuals to share and discuss effective practices, and to advocate for and inform policies that support and affect youth.

AIYD uses its collective voice to call for policies and programs that:

  • Broaden and create new opportunities for young peoples’ access to basic life skills, health, education, and training that prepare them for the world or work and that ease barriers to social and economic independence
  • Ensure youth who are not in school have access to developmentally-appropriate second chances to secure the education and life skills that will help them to succeed
  • Promote young peoples’ full participation in civic life through inclusive approaches that enhance their voice in policy and service delivery
  • Include youth as decision makers and develop their capacity as leaders and positive contributors to their communities
  • Account for the diversity of young people and reflect a clear understanding of their unique needs as relates to gender, disability, conflict, and country context

Despite real progress, significant and growing needs among the world’s youth remain. Together, we:

  • Advocate. AIYD advocates for informed and targeted investments for youth worldwide. We believe that the international donor community, global businesses, governments, and youth must act in partnership to significantly increase investments in programs that support young peoples’ ability to engage in productive livelihoods, become active members of their communities, and make responsible decisions for themselves and their families.
  • Practice. AIYD members work on the frontlines of youth development. Around the world and across all sectors of international development and humanitarian assistance, our members’ programs target youth through interventions focused on health, livelihoods, workforce development, entrepreneurship and financial services, leadership, and civic engagement.
  •  Learn. We provide a year-round forum for the youth development community to connect, engage, and contribute to new learning on youth policy and practice. The challenges that impact youth affect all of us. Finding solutions demands collaborative thinking and collective action to address the scale of the challenges facing young people worldwide.

To support and advance its mission, the Alliance has developed a strategic partnership with InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S.-based international non-governmental organizations working to focus U.S. development and humanitarian assistance on improving the conditions of the world’s poor and most vulnerable.

In 2012, AIYD’s work with USAID, the State Department, The World Bank, Brookings Institution, and others, helped to elevate youth development as a critical area of focus and investment for donors, policy makers, and the wider community. In 2013 and beyond, AIYD will continue to serve as a convening power for the youth development community, dedicated to gathering effective practices from across the sector and advocating for young people:

  • In 2013, youth will be included as a critical area of foreign assistance in InterAction’s Foreign Assistance Briefing Book (FABB) with recommendations developed by AIYD’s Advocacy Working Group. The FABB will be a primary source to educate new administration officials, transition teams, members of the 113th Congress, and staff.
  • In 2011 and 2012, AIYD acted as a consulting body for USAID’s first-ever Policy for Youth In Development. In December 2012, AIYD co-hosted with USAID its policy release event that brought together more than 175 members of the youth development community, donors, policy makers, and youth. In 2013, it will continue to advocate for the implementation of the policy within USAID’s bureaus and Missions.
  • Knowledge generation and expanded collaboration among youth development actors was one of the guiding forces behind AIYD’s formation, since doing so can significantly boost the efficiency and impacts of investments in youth. AIYD’s Guiding Principles for International Youth Development will develop practical guidelines that draw from and synthesize key lessons learned from the field.
  • As part of its Guiding Principles project, AIYD has formed a partnership with UK-based Youth Business International (YBI) and the Kaufmann Foundation to develop standards for effective entrepreneurship programming.  In September 2012, AIYD was jointly awarded a grant through the Capacity Development Fund of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE). In early 2013, AIYD, YBI, and the Kaufmann Foundation hosted a consultation with AIYD members and youth entrepreneurship experts to share and develop the standards.

AIYD is a strongly representative voice for its members whose expertise plays an essential role in informing new youth policies and learning across the sector. To learn more about how your organization can join AIYD, contact: Sarah Sladen, Senior Manager for International Youth Development, InterAction: [email protected] or 202.552.6558.

AIYD Members in 2013

Aga Khan Development Network • Amigos de las Americas • Chemonics • ChildFund International • Creative Associates • Education Development Center, Inc. • FHI 360 • Global Communities • Innovations in Civic Participation • IREX • Intel Foundation • InterAction • International Rescue Committee • International Youth Foundation • Making Cents International • The MasterCard Foundation • Mercy Corps • National 4H Council • Plan International USA • RTI International • Save the Children • Winrock International • Women’s Refugee Commission • World Learning • Youth Build International