5.2 Process and Impact Evaluation

Evaluations can provide necessary information about whether and how a program is achieving its goals. At the 2012 GYECO, presenters discussed the importance of both process and impact evaluations, as well as how to decide the level of rigor appropriate to an organization’s needs and goals.

Program evaluation encompasses two types of evaluation: process and impact evaluation. Alyna Wyatt, Senior Associate in the Business and Development Practice at Genesis Analytics and Team Leader, Financial Education Fund, and Jasmine Thomas, Program Officer, International Financial Capability & Asset Building and Youth Education & Livelihoods of Citi Foundation, noted that a combination of process and impact evaluation would help meet the following evaluation objectives:

  • Improving performance (evaluation for learning)
  • Evaluation for improving accountability
  • Evaluation for generating knowledge (for research) about what works and what does not
  • Improving decision-making
  • To assess the impact of a particular program or intervention