3.2.2 Facilitate digital mentoring for the entrepreneurial development of both boys and girls

Digital mentoring for both male and female entrepreneurs is another strategy embraced by several organizations represented at the 2012 GYEOC. This approach allows young people to tap into the diverse and specialized experience of coaches and mentors from around the world. It eliminates challenges around space or face-to-face meeting and allows entrepreneurs to seek out mentors whose business expertise may fit more precisely with theirs. This could be especially important for young people engaged in niche markets. Evidence is limited because the approach is new but challenges may involve time constraints, lack of connectivity for marginalized girls, and a disconnect between the personal experiences of coach and mentee.

The Youth Employment Network’s (YEN) website (https://yenmarketplace.org/e-coaching) matches youth entrepreneurs with coaches from around the world. Coaches participate for the intrinsic value—most have an MBA plus at least five years of experience. The website staff screen coaches and entrepreneurs and engage in the labor-intensive project of matching their priorities and interests.

New Tools: Youth Employment Network Uses Web Platform to Support Young Entrepreneurs Around the World

The site, launched in April 2012, works to:

  • Provide entrepreneurs with direct access to business expertise
  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing among entrepreneurs      
  • Provide substantial personal support to entrepreneurs to supplement their institutional and financial resources

Eighty-five percent of members are under the age of 36. The site also provides free webinars on topics related to youth entrepreneurship and business competitions.

To learn more about business coaching opportunities for young people, visit: