2.4 Technology

Technology opens up new opportunities for marketing and enterprise development. The key is to understand how and when to employ technology to further particular goals. Like any program investment, careful analysis is needed to understand which technology components are worth investment. At the 2012 GYEOC, presenters discussed different ways to use technology to enhance programs, improve services, facilitate access, and innovate business models.

Practical Tips: The International Trade Centre on Integrating Technology into Youth Enterprise Programming

The International Trade Centre, an organization based in Switzerland that works to enable small business export success in developing and transition-economy countries, has partnered with organizations in many countries to blend technology into business models. They offer the following advice for organizations seeking to add technology to youth enterprise development:

  • Start small—build on what exists and add to existing youth enterprises
  • Embed sustainability during the design
  • Design the model with stakeholders
  • Build capacity and coach during early system usage
  • Use open source and open standard software and coding systems
  • Provide a complete solution to bottlenecks identified by users
  • Provide a completely independent solution, responding to business need