USAID Announces the Establishment of a New Agency Procurement and Collaboration Instrument, the Development Innovation Accelerator


Just a few weeks ago, USAID launched the U.S. Global Development Lab—representing a historic investment in the power of science, technology, innovation and partnership (STIP) to advance our mission.
Today, I am pleased to announce that the Bureau for Management, the Office of the General Counsel, and the U.S. Global Development Lab have developed a new procurement and collaboration instrument that will accelerate our ability to discover, test and scale game-changing innovations.  The Development Innovation Accelerator (DIA) is a Broad Agency Announcement that enables Agency staff to collaborate more effectively with a diverse range of partners—streamlining procurement processes and allowing staff to co-create and co-design with partners cutting-edge solutions to our toughest development challenges.
The DIA will work by identifying broad science, technology or research questions that can transform our work.  We then have an avenue to connect with innovative organizations and individuals around those questions.  Through the DIA we can collaborate with a wider community of partners―private sector firms, universities, NGOs and more―to create a platform for a global community of entrepreneurs, experts and innovators to share their best ideas with us, and engage in a creative dialogue to develop the most promising ideas. 
The first question the Lab will tackle, issued through an Addendum to the DIA, is what proven solutions (those already reaching 250,000 people) can we take to scale across multiple countries and regions.  Bureaus, offices, and Missions will be able to work with the U.S. Global Development Lab to issue a DIA Addendum specific to their own efforts.  The point of contact in the Lab is Bruce McFarland.
By working hand-in-hand with partners, we can create groundbreaking solutions to once intractable challenges—and end extreme poverty within the next two decades.


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