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Roadmap to Inclusion: Insights Into Youth Financial Capability

Center for Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion 2020 (FI2020) at the CFI is building a movement that mobilizes stakeholders around the globe to achieve financial inclusion by the year 2020. As a part of this global campaign, we are focusing on client segments that have specific needs, youth among them.  FI2020’s working group on Financial Capability, one of five expert working groups creating a Roadmap to Financial Inclusion, shares insights into the group’s findings on youth and financial services.

The Role of Technology in Youth Financial Inclusion: Pulse-Taking Survey

New America Foundation, Making Cents International


The Global Assets Project, in partnership with Making Cents International, invites you to participate in a brief survey on technology and youth financial inclusion.


The Role of Technology in Youth Financial Inclusion: Pulse-Taking Survey

Enroll for the ILO Academy on Youth Development

Internatioal Training Center - ILO

The main objective of the Academy on Youth Development is to support the on-going development and implementation of policies and programmes that respond to youth needs in four core areas: (i) youth employment and entrepreneurship; (ii) education and training; (iii) health, including sexual and reproductive health; and (iv) participation and civic engagement.

EVENT - Economic Empowerment of Urban Refugee Youth: Key Findings & Recommendations from the 2013 Report by Women’s Refugee Commission

The Alliance for International Youth Development

The Women’s Refugee Commission will share the key findings and recommendations from its January, 2013 report on the Economic Empowerment of Refugee Youth, which draws in part from field assessments in Panama, Kenya and Egypt.

Are Youth-Inclusive Financial Services in MENA a Driver of Financial inclusion?

Making Cents International

In a mid-March Youth Financial Inclusion Workshop for the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region, organized by Silatech and CGAP, participants debated how to respond to staggeringly low financial inclusion among youth ages 15-24, a population that hold financial accounts at less than half the rate of the developing economy average. Discussion centered on the value of efforts to expand and target youth access. Tim Nourse, of Making Cents International, shared the emerging recommendations that respond to the debate.

What happened during the CGAP-Silatech Youth MENA Financial Inclusion Workshop in Morocco?


For more than a generation, the MENA region has had the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, at 25%, reflecting decades of youth economic and financial exclusion.

Global Money Week: Children and Youth Reshaping Finance

Child & Youth Finance International

This year, between March 15th – 21st, there will be a child who will walk into a bank for the very first time. Across the world, there will be another child who will be having a conversation about finance with the governor of the central bank. In a neighbouring country, a teenager will be preparing to talk to her peers about the enterprise she and her classmates had set up. Later during the week, all of these children will share their stories with one another through a web chat. Such is the power of the Global Money Week.

Youth and Technology: A Formula for Leading Change

Digital Opportunities Trust (DOT)

Taxis are good places to discover new ideas -- motorized cocoons traveling through distant places, a lens on what's around us.

A decade or so ago, I found myself in a taxi in New York City, traveling back from a UN meeting where we had grappled with the persistent issues of technology adoption, the new economy and the growing youth bulge. My mind was focused on the excess capacity and talent that under and unemployed youth represent throughout the world -- the fact that youth "get it" with technology; the huge demand from communities to "get on board".

How Can We Achieve Scale with Quality, Affordable Life Skills Programming?


Content for the following blog came from learning events DAI, Walmart, and Making Cents International organized in November, 2012 to address questions surrounding how to achieve scale with quality, affordable life skills programming. Similar discussions have taken place at Making Cents' 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference and the 2012 WISE Conference in Doha.

What is youth-led programming? How can it enhance economic programs for youth?

Mercy Corps

USAID recently released a groundbreaking policy on Youth in Development. One of the primary themes focused on the importance of youth engagement, which includes incorporating perspectives and voices of young people in each element of program planning. Though the policy was the first of its kind, this thinking is not new to the youth space.


451 - 460 of 488 results