Innovations Journal - Special Edition on Youth Economic Opportunities

Making Cents International
This youth-focused double issue of Innovations journal is the product of a shared passion to improve livelihoods and economic opportunities among the world’s 1.8 billion youth. The publication is particularly timely given the increased focus being given to programming,funding, and research on the contributions of young people in a time of economic volatility. As the economy shows signs of recovery, the International Labor Organization reports that the global rate of youth unemployment hovers around 13%, just below the jobless rate at the peak of the crisis—this still represents an estimated 73 million young people. Despite staggering unemployment, our concern is not the scale of the problem. Instead, we are encouraged by the scale of the opportunity before us.
With the support and collaboration of the Citi Foundation, Making Cents International is leveraging this Innovations issue as well as the 2013 Youth Economic Opportunities Conference, funder meetings, “Apply It!” webinars, blogs, crowd-sourced solution events, and other tools to engage a global network of partners to galvanize dialog, collaboration, and knowledge-building toward a collective global agenda for youth. Through its Collaborative Learning and Action Institute (Co-Lab), Making Cents will promote and improve economic opportunities for youth around the world.
This collection of analyses, research, and remarkable stories is a part of our new vision. In searching for authors, we weren’t searching for all the answers. We looked across diverse sectors for authors who could connect disparate concepts, innovations, theories, stories, or research results that move the youth economic opportunities agenda forward. You can download the full journal or individual chapters by clicking on the title. 
Introductory Essay
Jasmine Thomas
Lead Essays
Arnest Sebbumba
Judith Rodin and Eme Essien Lore
Ángel Cabrera and Callie Le Renard
Stanley Litow
Carl Schramm
Case Narratives
Jacob Korenblum
Martin Burt
Kevin McKague, Samantha Morshed, and Habibur Rahman
Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence.Cracking the Glass Ceiling and Raising the Roof
Nell Merlino
Shai Reshef
Making Cents International. Toward a World of Opportunity
Fiona Macaulay
Nicholas Davis, Ebba Hansmeyer, Branka Minic, Shantanu Prakash, and Subramanian Rangan
Trina R. Williams Shanks, Lewis Mandell, and Deborah Adams
Perspectives on Policy
Michael Chertok and Jeremy Hockenstein
Akhtar Badshah and Yvonne Thomas
Jamie McAuliffe, Jasmine Nahhas di Florio, and Pia Saunders
Ann Cotton
Jamie M. Zimmerman and Julia Arnold
Beverly Schwartz and Deepali Khanna
James Sumberg and Christine Okali
John Owens

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