The Role of Technology in Youth Financial Inclusion: Pulse-Taking Survey

New America Foundation, Making Cents International


The Global Assets Project, in partnership with Making Cents International, invites you to participate in a brief survey on technology and youth financial inclusion.

The Role of Technology in Youth Financial Inclusion: Pulse-Taking Survey

As technology, particularly mobile phones, enables increasing access to financial services in developing countries, it is important to understand the intersection of technology and youth access, usage, and development. This survey will help implementing organizations to better understand the perspectives and experiences of the youth financial inclusion field on the emerging role of technology as an accelerator.

Participating in this survey is an opportunity to find out what your peers think about:

  • How low-income youth use mobile phones.
  • Which tools currently offer the greatest opportunity for success, both now and in the future.
  • Whether youth and adults have differing needs regarding mobile technology.
  • What the greatest obstacles are to using technology to achieve financial inclusion and capabilities.

As a dedicated stakeholder in youth financial access and economic empowerment your expert input is invaluable. Please share your perspectives and experiences through this 10-15 minute survey. All individual responses will be kept confidential.

The collected data will be analyzed for an upcoming YouthSave issue brief on the topic. We also intend to share an exclusive sneak-peek of the survey results with all participants in the late summer.  Final results and highlights from the survey and paper will also be shared widely via and and discussed at the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference in September 2013. 

Thank you in advance from the Global Assets Project and Making Cents International.


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