FELLOWSHIP: GLG Social Impact Fellowship, July 2016

The GLG Social Impact Fellowship leverages GLG’s learning platform to help top social entrepreneurs answer their organization’s critical strategic and operational questions, at no cost. Through the two-year Fellowship, ambitious and visionary nonprofit and social enterprise leaders learn in tailored interactions with experts across GLG’s membership and with each other.

The Fellowship begins with identifying the top challenges facing Fellows’ organizations. Dedicated GLG Research Professionals help design engagements around these challenges, as thought partners to Fellows and their management teams. Tailored learning opportunities include phone consultations with subject matter experts, in-person meetings, roundtable discussions, teleconferences, and workshops. In addition to curated interactions designed for Fellows and their teams, they have access to GLG’s ongoing events offering throughout the year.
Fellows are leaders with strong records and visions for their organizations. They have great teams and do something innovative that’s likely to scale. They are personally committed to learning, excited to grow professionally, and articulate ambitions for their organizations’ growth which GLG is positioned to support.


» Curious, committed, passionate, tireless

» Founder, Executive Director, or CEO

» Strong track record and clear vision for the organization

» Articulates high priority use cases for GLG


» Innovative model, creating demonstrable impact to date

» Ambitious, articulated goals for growth

» Faces inflection point where accelerated learning around key strategic questions will advance mission

» At least 18 months in operation, beyond proof-of-model phase

» Team of at least five people beyond C-suite/management


Fellows and their organizations have access to the GLG platform for two years.


Fellowship applications will be considered on a rolling basis. You are recommended to apply as early as
possible and encourage a letter of recommendation. Applications will be accepted through August 1, 2016.
» Application deadline: August 1, 2016
» In-person Fellows convening in New York City: October 24–26, 2016

Letters of recommendation are strongly encouraged but not required.

Please have letters sent to [email protected] with subject line: Your Name.

Apply online.

Originally published by: GLG Social Impact

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